Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lost Treasures

Nothing is as awesome as finding lost treasures.  For me those lost treasures generally mean old books, favorite movies, my favorite pen and even stationary.

Yes I absolutely love finding hidden blank stationary.  I always have had this love affair with it.  I can remember being 7 years old and begging my mom for the $10 cutesy teddy bear tablet with matching envelopes.  I begged for weeks until she finally broke down and purchased them for me.

I was in heaven...

But I didn't have anyone to write...

Those were the tiny details I didn't pay attention to, because I was 7 and HAD to have it.

As an adult I still find myself obsessing over stationary and holiday cards.  It is bad... So very bad.  Recently I unearthed mass amounts of unused stationary and holiday cards.  This may seem like no big deal, but it is a big deal, because now I feel guilty for buying stationary/holiday cards.  Which means I need your help and even though Ia m a downright awful snail mailer, I want addresses to send all of my lovelies cards and notes to!

Just send me your info via my email address here and I PROMISE you will get something from me!

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