Thursday, October 8, 2015

Alaskan Dreams

Since I was seven years old I have dreamed of exploring the wild that is the great sate of Alaska.  I blame my grandparents as they took my older sister (14 at the time) on a cruise through Alaska and I was promised I would be able to go when I was older.  As time went by I got more and more excited for my Alaskan adventure, but sadly things in life change and I wasn't able to go to Alaska.

I want to experience all that Alaska has to offer, from the whale watching to craft beers, to the wildlife to the glaciers.  I want to see it all.

I want to walk down the streets of Anchorage from pub to pub

Alaska has been an item on my travel bucket list for awhile now and seeing as I am going to be the big 3-0 next July I figured that is the perfect time to go.  Now comes the tricky part... Cruise or a land adventure?  A week or two?  June, July or August?  Who do I take with me?

The easy part was seeing that one cruise line offers unlimited cocktails and beverages as long as I book before October 31st so you can bet your pretty behinds that I will be booking said cruise, if that is what I choose, by the 31st of next month.  Additionally, with a cruise you do a down payment and make monthly payments up to 75 days prior to embarking.  I don't know about you, but that sounds like an excellent idea to me.

I guess I should quit dawdling and start planning and researching more!