Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Has Changed

I used to be out of control and crazy when it came to Halloween.  Not the arrested or drugged up kind of crazy, but the "I just want to dress like a whore and get drunk crazy"...  I was young and let's just say my friends weren't the best influences on me.  (These were the college days some people pine for.)

Corsets and stripper heels were the things Halloween dreams were made of.  Sometimes there was a plethora of body glitter and spray tans.  For one day a year we got be slutty versions of ourselves.  There was even a mood that took over Halloween... Like everything was possible and there weren't any rules.

Things always happened on Halloween, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

No longer are my Halloween plans full of slutty costumes and blacked out nights.  They are now full of wine, candy and the most recent episodes of Haunted History and host Adventures.

Don't get me wrong I miss the possibilities that I believed only came about on Halloween, but now I know it's not the day but the confidence you muster when dressed as something else.  Maybe it shouldn't take a costume to muster that confidence since it's always deep down inside.