Friday, September 4, 2015

Bold Is Gold?

If y'all follow me on snapchat (kristiebluejean) you might know a little bit about this post from some of the hilarious snaps I threw up there.

I seriously wonder if "bold is gold" is really true?  The theory is that a bold girl gets what she wants and the not so bold girl will have to sit around waiting and may never get anything.  There may be some truth to it, but every time I have tried this method it hasn't worked out so well.  Well neither has dating so I guess it doesn't really matter.  Here is how I see it in my brain.

You meet a guy and you end up kind of liking him.  You get all those butterflies and the excitement.  You chat a few times and learn a few things about him.

With your new found knowledge you are now able to do your obvious research, how many times he has had run ins with the law, how many marriages, kids he doesn't claim, mother's birthday... You know the typical stuff.

You finally ask him to meet you for a drink.  I mean you won't EVER know if there is chemistry or not unless you are willing to actually put yourself out there.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with sending that text that says "hey if you're free Thursday let's grab a drink and catch up."  While this isn't flirty or datey, it actually is a great way to get a friendship going which can always lead to more.  Besides, the worst that can happen is he says no and you end up further in your shell.

Now comes the waiting... You are waiting for him to respond and in the five, maybe ten minutes, it takes him to respond you have already scrolled through Tinder looking for your next victim prospect.  Here is where things get tricky... Don't lower your expectations of the guy, lower your expectations of what you are feeling... It makes things less awkward if he says no.

You hear your phone buzz, it's him... He said... Oh shit you can't look, but then you finally do and the answer was "I am free let's definitely meet up."  You can't begin to wrap your brain around the "yes" answer.  You are freaking yourself out... Then you realize you have about a week to prepare.  You are constantly trying to figure out what to wear, what to say and your friends are screaming at you to calm down.  Seriously, take a chill pill.

You show up at the bar ten minutes early because there is no way he is staking this place out before you can.  You learn all the exits and wait staff's names so that in the event he is a psycho you can run.  He finally arrives and you sit in awkward silence.  Instead of taking this bad, you decide to muster your strength and start a conversation.  You remember to enjoy the challenge.

 You get home and realize you had a great time.  You remember this sense of accomplishment and taking control of your own life is awesome and you vow to continue on this path of being bold and not being afraid to ask a guy out...

 Then your phone tells you there is anew message and you run and  hide....