Monday, August 31, 2015

Fantasy Football and More Fantasy Football

What a weekend!  It flew by and my house suffered the after effects of three days full of people and food.

Friday night I hosted our third annual Fantasy Football draft for the Mtn Party Foul League.  This year we ended up with 12 people drafting which made for some REALLY tough draft picks, but it was awesome because it prepared me for Sarah's 20 team league on Sunday.  I am telling you, you end up with slim pickings.  Luckily for me in both drafts I was rated with strong B's and that means I actually have a shot at taking both leagues.  Not that I am counting on it, but I intend to put up a good fight!

Saturday I finally got my roots touched up and a good inch and a half taken off this mop of hair.  My roots were so bad that it was starting to look ombre and not in a good way.  I was waiting for people to comment on my roots, but I am either surrounded by very sweet people or very blind people.  Saturday also marked a girl's night, which we haven't had one of in months.  Like six months.  It was nice to sit around snacking on Italian food and drinking wine while catching up and reminiscing.  I pretty much drank the whole night and woke up with the wine flu Sunday, but I wouldn't take it back...  Well maybe I would take back ladling wine into my mouth... What can I say?  I am so classy sometimes.

Sunday was calm and thankfully the horrific heat wave broke and offered up a nice breeze.  My second draft was a definite nail biter as I was # 19 to draft.  It was torture, but all in all I am pretty happy with my picks.

Here is to another work wee with a three day weekend at the end, may it be short!