Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cleaning Out The Closet

In my life I have met so many people.  Some awesome, some horrible, some chill and some blase.  A few I have welcomed into my inner circle, some I ran from thinking "there is no possible way we could be friends!" and that is okay.  Not everyone you meet will like you either.

But what happens when those that have become your closest friends decided to make decisions that not only hurt them but hurt you too?  Do you walk away?  Slowly drift apart?  Or just let it go?

I have had experience with all three and recently I realized that most of the time it is better to remove myself from the situations in which I know I can no longer help these people without bringing myself down.  

It may sound selfish, but I have to choose me from time to time and sometimes that means cutting people out of my life.  The older you get, the more you see how toxic some friendships and relationships truly are.  It doesn't mean that you don't have fun or a good time, but it means that you have decided that you are more important.

And guess what?  It is totally ok to choose yourself over the late night parties, the toxic relationship gripes, the listening to non-reciprocated whining and the people who "can't" be there, but always expect you to drop everything for them.

In life we have choices and these self serving so-called friends are not going to be the ones to lift you up when you need them most, yet you were always there for them.  Sometimes, we have to choose to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and decide we are the ones creating our futures and sometimes it isn't a future with the people you thought would always be by your side.

It is hard and can be heartbreaking and sometimes it s easy, but either way the mature thing is to let these friendships go and know that you are better off as the choices those people make will just continue to drag you down.