Friday, July 31, 2015

August Goals

Well July has come and gone and now it is August.

4 months and 25 days until Christmas...  I had better get Christmas shopping so I don't go for broke!

I haven't been really great at keeping up with monthly goals so I only have two for the month of August.  I am hoping that staying with three goals will make them habits and then I can continue throughout the following months/years, etc.

1.  Work out at least 30 minutes of everyday.  I know this should be a no brainer for me, especially considering I sank close to $500 into a treadmill this spring, but I REALLY want to get back on track.  It is time!

2. Blog, blog ad blog some more.  I don't if you have noticed, but I have REALLY fallen off the blogging wagon and there is no excuse other than I have been lazy so no more of that.  I plan to blog at least 4 posts a week, including weekends!

3. Keep up with the Whole 30 eating.  I love it, plus it is simple to keep up with so it isn't really a new goal, but I plan to keep going.  There are 31 days in August which gives me 31 opportunities to eat better than the day before.