Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Why I Heart Whole 30

So in case you have noticed I have been doing my own version of the Whole 30 and I have to say I am in love.

I am in love with the fact that even though I have twisted it a little (hello tortilla chips twice per week and a beer or wine here and there) I have seen results.  I have lost weight, lost inches, built muscle, clearer skin, sleeping better, have more energy and all around feel better.  I notice immediately the negative effects of fast food (ugh to acid indigestion and stomach cramping) and over processed foods.  Without a doubt, if I committed properly, I know I would drop weight faster if I went the super strict 30 days.

The idea is to cut out everything but natural/organic fruits and vegetables along with hormone free proteins.  Getting back to basics and basically eating fresh.  Some people have crazy amazing recipes and others are simple.  I prefer the simple.  I don’t eat mayonnaise so I don’t ever have to make the “whole 30” approved mayo, because it makes me want to barf.  Salad dressings are easy, I am an Italian girl so I use red wine vinegar and olive oil.  It is seriously easy.

I don’t view it as a diet as much as I view it as a lifestyle change and it is one that I love.  Don’t get me wrong I am lazy when it comes to food preparation and even cooking, but I am working on that.  Grocery shopping and I didn’t use to be friends, now I know exactly what I eat, where it is in the store and head straight there and grab it.  It may seem expensive at first but once you get an eating schedule down it isn’t that much money.  For instance, Monday I was out of practically everything with exception to some sausage, bacon and chicken.   (Yes you can eat bacon and sausage in small quantities!)  That left me needing lettuce (green leafy and romaine), cucumbers, tomatoes, kale (smoothies) pineapple (smoothies) and eggs.  I left the store with four bags full of groceries and only spent $30… Take that Gwyneth!

I promise to update you with recipes I eat over and over again and you can guarantee they are easy and not time consuming.