Monday, June 29, 2015

Bye Bye June!

Wowzers, June is gone.  I can say that since I probably won't be posting tomorrow.

I can't believe we are half way done with 2015 and only have half the year left.  It gives me anxiety to know I need to start Christmas shopping so I am not broke as a joke come December and I can buy new decorations, because that is what I REALLY need in my life!

June was a pretty good month.  I had two river trips, a few little league games and a couple crafty projects I completed.  When the month started I had no idea I would be a wire mounting genius, but I am.

One of my favorite projects I completed was my chalk board sign (if you follow me on insta, I know you saw the beauty yesterday).  I had a board lying around, some aqua blue chalk paint, a horse shoe, gold glitter spray paint and some scrapbook flowers.  I painted the board up, gave it a nice glitter glimmer and added the horseshoe and flowers.  The nice thing is that I can change the sayings up as it is chalkboard paint.  I just love it!

I had quite a few amazing sunsets off my back deck this month as well.  This was one of my favorites.  I know I say it a lot, but I just love mountain living...  Or did until my new neighbors moved in and cause a ruckus every night.  No more peaceful sunsets, just peaceful sunset pictures.

I even painted an extremely abstract version of the America flag.  I guess it is a good thing it wasn't a Stars and Bars flag otherwise I might be in trouble...  (Not going political, but why do we give so much power to an inanimate object?)

June was pretty good, but I can't wait for July.  The 4th is my favorite holiday and of course it is my birthday month, yahoo!!!!!