Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursty Thursday- Naught-A Shirley Temple

When I think of Americana, I can't help but this the sweet cherub face of Shirley Temple.  I am not quite sure if the grenadine-7 up drink is actually named for her or not, but as a child I loved a Shirley Temple, most especially on festive occasions.

Clearly I am not one for over the top sugary drinks, but I have created the most delightful, refreshing adult version of a Shirley Temple.  One in which my mom asked, "Is this a Shirley Temple?" and after one sip she exclaimed "Shirley is a naughty girl!"  (hints the name).

Naught-A Shirley Temple

2 shots Citron Vodka (I used Svedka)
2 shots tonic water
Fill up with cranberry juice (leave about an inch at the top)
Rose's Sweet Lime (as a topper)
Lime Wedge

Combine all ingredients over ice in a pint glass, squeeze the lime edge, toss in a straw or two and enjoy the taste of summer!

Hopelessly Ever After