Friday, June 12, 2015

Busy Bee

Wow, it is finally Friday and that makes me happy.  Happier than it should, but that is probably because I am off being a busy bee in all sorts of places.

I used Amazon Local deals awhile back to buy a few certificate programs and I have JUST started them.  I literally registered last October... Talk about procrastination.  Thankfully they don't expire, but it got me wondering if I can use said payment as a tax write off in the future as continuing education... I should look into that.

Still going super strong on the Whole 30 thing, with exception to wine and cheese night with Juilette.  I have since forgiven myself and did extra good Wednesday and Thursday.  Up until I decided to consume an entire bottle of $3 Shiraz in one sitting.  Hey, sometimes a girl needs her wine.

On another busy bee front- I have been busy creating tee shirts with the help of Spreadshirt.  I am currently hosting a sale on my amazing Americana 4th of July tanks so you should get one.   This one is my favorite! Normally they are $30, but for the next two weeks (until June 27th) they are knocked down a few dollars.  You know you want one.

I am busy working on some great ones for the upcoming football season because football is god!

I think that is all I have today.  Life has been pretty docile.  No cool instagrams, no cool facebook wars, just simple little me.