Friday, June 5, 2015

Pipe the F Down

Guys, I have to admit that sometimes I get really annoyed with people.  Mostly due to their lack of common courtesy and respect.  The world we live in today makes me sad.  I am constantly reading articles about bullies, but what about when the bully is at home?

Last night I went to my 4 year old niece's tee ball game.  Most of the kids are between 3 and 5 and they are the cutest little things learning how to play the game.  They all swarm like bees when the ball gets hit and they run around crazy, but they are all out there having a good time.  In most cases parents are out there helping the coaches, because I can imagine 9-13 little ones is WAY too much for just one coach to handle.  It really is a family affair and sure parents get aggravated when their kids aren't behaving properly, but not to the point of screaming or yelling.

That was until last night....

Particularly when your parents are the reason you are crying!

I know I shouldn't judge, especially because I don't have children, but let me tell you something- there is absolutely no need to berate your child to the point of tears while refusing to help her learn and grow.  I understand frustration, but I also understand that ALL people, especially children need help when learning something new.  It isn't helpful to scream at your child in front all of the other children and parents, grab her out of the game and demean her while others  must listen to you.  My heart broke for that little girl yesterday.  Sure I was yelled at as a child and I certainly was spanked, but at no point in my life do I recall either of my parents ripping me away from a game, recital or whatever to scream at me and make me feel worthless in front of a crowd of people...  This father may not realize the damage he is doing, mainly to this young girl's self esteem and confidence.

I am not sharing this so everyone gets angry, I am sharing this because we all need to remember children are children and it is up to us to help them grow and flourish into bright and aspiring individuals.

And in case you are wondering, I left before I said things that were completely out of line.  I almost felt like I was on "What Would You Do?".  I hope someone does call these parent out for their daughter's sake and for their own.