Friday, May 8, 2015

Whole 30 Week 1 Eats

Well we have made it through week one and although I said I wouldn't be balls to the wall, I did want to share a few things from my first week.  I will be totally honest with y'all, I basically applied the Whole 30 to my breakfasts and lunches.  When it came dinner time, I refused to give up some cheese and a few tortillas on Cinco de Mayo.  Also, I haven't completely given up alcohol, but I have switched from beer to a bloody Mary, vodka soda or whiskey and diet, only because I know beer bloats me like crazy!  Yes, I haven't been compliant to the program as a whole and yes I have been working out about 35-45 minutes five days a week with an average of 250-325 calories burned, but honestly I have been sleeping better, feeling better and I have lost inches.

It is really true that although changing your diet is a step in the right direction, you can't get where you want to be without good old fashioned exercise.  I hate sweating, but I am forcing myself to put the time in five days a week, because strong and healthy is the new game in town.  Who knows, I may even start lifting...  Liquid refreshments, that is.

Egg muffins have been a breakfast life saver during this whole week.  I hate breakfast, but the key here is to NOT miss breakfast.  These were so simple and Pinterest has quite the variety of recipes.  I made a batch of 12 and grab two, pop them in the microwave for 30-45 seconds and you are good to go.
I switched out coffee and massive amounts of energy drinks (both sugar free and regular) for green tea.  I never went through caffeine withdrawals and I find myself not so cranky come 3 pm.  I have always been a tea drinker so this wasn't hard to do.

Sunday I boiled some chicken breast to have chicken on hand for salads , soups, or whatever needed some protein and quick.

One night I made this sauce from canned diced tomatoes, some shredded chicken breast, spinach, and mushrooms.  I shredded some zucchini for "noodles" and garnished with a little cheese.  Sorry there isn't a picture of the finished product, I was starving and short on time.

This isn't a diet, but rather a lifestyle challenge that turns into change.  I guarantee anyone can do it.  There isn't any gross you have to consume- just good old fruits, veggies and grass fed meats.  It's not hard and I bet you  that you can do it!