Tuesday, May 5, 2015

No Mas Cinco De Drinko

We have all been there... You know, where the only memories come in waves between pitch black and your stomach rolls at the thought of trying eat or drink anything, eyeliner is smudged, wristbands have left indentations on your arms, and you are still wearing last night's outfit along with the strange smell of vomit and tequila...

Don't try to lie, I know you have been here... Maybe it wasn't tequila, but I bet there is a whiskey night or maybe even vodka, that you just can't piece together all these years later.

Mine didn't occur once, not twice but three freaking times.  Three times Cinco de Mayo has killed me and brought me back to life and I vow that I will NEVER party hardy on Cinco de Drinko again!  It will for sure kill me the next go round.

Years and years ago, when I was just a underage drinker with the skills to get into bars without an ID, my friends and I decided to join the Cinco De Mayo festivities as it was the weekend and we had a hotel room within walking distance.  This all seemed fine and dandy until round 8 came and I blacked out.  I recall lots of friendly faces, getting a ride and having my knee shut in a door, and someone having to scale the side of a hotel to get into our room at 3 am...  The rest is history, but I have a few lovely photos that still don't help piece together what I am told was a fun night.  I do, at some point, remember texting on my pink Razr in a bathtub.  What?  It seemed like a good idea.

A couple years later, after the hangover had worn off from 2007, I decided to go meet up with friends for a couple of drinks.  I wasn't staying long, it was a Thursday night and I had to work on Friday.  Well that was sadly not the case (as it never is).  I think there were 3 One Step (death) margaritas involved prior to shots of Patron, two full on falls, two broken nails.  I had my sister leave me at the bar with a friend from high school and somehow I made it to my house and she made it to hers.  I think (hope) her little brother was the one who picked us up.  I was HURTING the next day and I do believe I dry heaved into my work trash can at least a 100 times the next day.

One Tequila

Two Tequlia

Three Tequila


As if I hadn't learned my lesson in 2011, I just HAD to go out in 2013...  BIG mistake, HUGE mistake... I can still feel the spins I had that night.  Margaritas and Mexican food were just supposed to be the pre-game to a baseball game... That we NEVER made it to!  I am telling you, I just can't commit to being serious come Cinco.  It is like I have no idea what responsibility is.  Sure we made friends at a bar, we salsa danced, forgot to eat at all and made it to about three more bars, but this night was awful... I passed out at two bars, stumbled to my sister's truck only to sit down on a curb and throw up all over my brand new sandals.  I guess upchucking on the shoes is better than in the purse, but I NEVER EVER want to go back to this night.  It was so much fun, but went down hill so fast!

The night to come...

I could still take in focus pictures.

Drunk eyes and hair in full effect...


And I was GONE!

So in true Kristie fashion, I will not say that I am not going out, I will not say I will be in bed by 9 pm... I will say have a taco for me and remember most memories come from pictures after too much tequila!