Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Recap- May Day Edition

Why hello there Monday.  Suffice it to say, I am not exactly thrilled to see your face, but you know, whatevs....

Friday was kind of an awesome day.  I was the first guest poster for Jenn over at quirky pickings  to celebrate her tenth anniversary of blogging.  My post is pretty darn awesome and you should go read it here!  The rest of Friday was spent working and what not.

Saturday I slept until noon which never happens, but I think it was the NyQuil and allergy meds I took Friday night that knocked me out.  I didn't watch fight night, because I don't care about that and I missed the Derby because apparently Charter sucks.  I did see that American Pharaoh won the Derby, congratulations to anyone who put their money there!  I watched "Back to the Future III" which made me get all brainy and start wondering what I would go back and change... Like seriously, Marty goes to save Doc but alters everything...  What would I change?  I have no clue.  I would like to come off brilliant and say Lincoln wouldn't go to the Ford Theater or maybe Kennedy wouldn't get into the Lincoln...  Then there is the whole World War things, blah, blah... See it's really hard once you start thinking about it.

Sunday was not a Sunday Funday so much as an errand day.  There was lots of Whole 30 shopping for me to dive right in this week.  I still feel very conflicted about the whole no booze for 30 days... I mean I am not a hardcore alchy, but I do need to partake after stressful days and to ease social anxiety...

Have a great week!

Bella And The City