Saturday, May 9, 2015

What would I do- Texas Style

Hey y'all, in case you haven't heard, Jenn over at quirky pickings is celebrating her tenth anniversary of blogging.  She has all sorts of fun shenanigans going on so you should check her out.  Today is all about the following questionnaire!

one. if you could have dinner with any athlete or coach currently playing for or employed by a texas team, whom would you choose?

Oh dang..  Is this ENTIRE thing going to be about Texas?  If so, I just don't know that I can play...  Just kidding- you got me going already!  I would have choose Tony Romo from the Dallas Cowboys, because I want to know how it feels to be called Tony "Homo" and why all of his ex girlfriends looked alike.

two. who's your least favorite texan?
Jim Cary playing Matthew McConaughey

three. whose your favorite?
IRS evading Willie Nelson

four. who's the most famous texan you've met in person?
I don't hang out in the "famous" circles.  I bet I met a cool biker in Sturgis who was from Texas.  Does that count?

five. the flagship hotel in galveston, which had to be torn down due to hurricane damage, was built completely over water. the galveston island historic pleasure pier is now located where the hotel stood. if you could build anything you wanted completely over water, what would it be? 
It would definitely be a huge party deck, with firepits, bbq's and plenty of areas for liquid refreshments.  Of course there would be tie offs for boats!

six. galveston has the oldest newspaper in the state, the daily news. if your hometown could have the oldest of anything in the state, what would you want it to be?
It would be super awesome if my town had the oldest log cabin in the state of California.

seven. the heisman trophy was named for john william heisman, the first full-time coach and athletic director at rice university in houston. if you were to have a trophy named after you, what would candidates need to achieve in order to qualify for the award?
Candidates receiving the "Kristie" award would have to excel at sarcasm and whiskey digestion

eight. if a songwriter in texas wanted to write a country song about your life, what might serve as the perfect title for this tune?
"Worn in Jeans".  Like the perfect pair of jeans not wearing jeans.

nine. if you could be doing anything at all in texas at this very moment, what would it be?
Hunting for the perfect cowboy to take home.

ten. what is the single greatest moment in texas history?
Y'all are pretty damn serious about the Alamo.  I think the death of Davey Crockett is preety poignant, not to mention devastating to my heart.

eleven. mary kay ash of mary kay cosmetics had a twelve-thousand-square-foot, pink mansion in dallas. if you could have a supersized home what twist would you give it to make it uniquely yours?
*** I totally missed this- Thanks for telling me Jenn!
So first off, I had no idea that Mary Kay has a pink mansion in Texas!  Like how did I not know this?  A freaking pink mansion is amazing to me!

My super-sized home would an indoor/outdoor pool, you know where the rood is retractable.  It of course would include a lazy river and a massive water slide!

twelve. of all the songs you can think of where the word "texas" or the name of a texas town appears in the song's title (for example, "amarillo by morning"), which one is your overall favorite?
Luckenbach, Texas- with Waylon, Willie and the boys...

thirteen. of the scores of films filmed in whole or part in texas, such as "apollo thirteen," which one is your favorite, and which one is your least favorite?
Favorite- Varsity Blues
Least Favorite- Giant

fourteen. texas a&m is recognized as home of the twelfth  man because its students stand throughout the entire football game to show support for the team. what is the best example of texas pride you have ever witnessed?
George Strait singing "Amarillo By Morning" at the Alamo Dome and having the entire place on their feet erupting into cheers during the line about San Antone..  True state and city pride right there!

fifteen. texas tapped its first oil gusher in nineteen-one, and the state now produces about five hundred million barrels of crude oil annually. if you had five barrels of oil that you could sell at current market value, what would you buy with the money?
A vacation home in Wyoming, South Dakota, or Montana.

sixteen. to people who don't hail from the lone star state, the texas twang can indeed sound a bit strange, but to your ears which united state's region's people have the oddest sounding accent?
The Alaskan bush people.  I mean, each one has a different twang to their accent!

seventeen. what is your biggest pet peeve about texans as a whole?
It annoys me beyond belief that the Texas state flag is allowed (by Congressional vote) to fly at the same height as the American flag.

eighteen. if you could have been there to witness any specific moment in texas sports history, what moment would you choose?
I honestly know nothing about Texas sports, but to witness a small town football team win the state championship would be pretty awesome.

nineteen. what is the most disappointing, perhaps downright depressing moment in the history of texas sports?
I'd guess not going to the Super Bowl every year.

twenty. if you could build a dream house along any lake or river in texas, where would you go build it, and what would your waterfront retreat look like?
Does building a house on the shores of Galveston count?  I have always wanted to go there and I imagine having a plantation-esque home would be stunning on the shores of the Gulf.

twenty-one. if you were offered one hundred free acres of land anywhere in texas to use or develop as you wish, where would you want your property to be located and what would you do with it?
I would have a wild horse refugee on the Plain of Texas- given that I also won the lottery!

twenty-two. what is the most beautiful geographical feature in the entire state of texas?
The summer thunderstorms are not to be challenged.

twenty-three. what is the most exciting annual event held in texas?
I know nothing about annual events in Texas, but I bet the rodeos y'all host are one hell of a party!

twenty-four. what is the most overrated tourist attraction in texas?
The Alamo... I honestly cannot remember why we need to remember the Alamo!

twenty-five. texas has more miles of highway--over seventy thousand--than any other state in the nation. if you had to do a summer road trip within texas texas on only one of the highways, which highway would you travel and what would be the main points of interest for you along the way?
I have no idea what highways runt through Texas, but I think that you should formulate one that has all of the best attractions of Texas!

Hope y'all have fun and go check out Jenn!