Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mama's Day

That lady pinching my cheeks up there, she is my mama... Not just my mama, but the best mama ever!  No matter what situation I have found myself in, I have been met with compassion, understanding, love, experience, and faith from that woman right there.

I know I don't say "thank you" enough, but I am beyond thankful to have you as my mom, confidant, and cheerleader.

Most of my memories will include my mom, who has always had a "good time' outlook.  Meaning if you think it will be fun, go...  If not, it isn't worth it.

Thank you for being my "date" to all sorts of events... Especially when the real dates have backed out.

Thank you for teaching me that you must have faith in the good times and grains of salt for the hard times, sunshine during the sad times, and that the love of family can conquer even the worst of situations.

I welcome new experiences and memories with an open heart and mind because you taught me that these are learning experiences.  They may not always bring a smile, but they will teach you to be brave, selfless, open and loving.

Thank you for being an amazing travel partner.  I know we may want to kill each other a lot of the time, but the truth is, I can't imagine having seen Texas and Belize without you.  I will always cherish the trips we take.
Most importantly, thank you for giving everything you had and so much more to raise me, Jenn and Taylor.  I know everyone has dreams and goals, but being our mom was the greatest gift you could have ever given us.

I love you so very much and thank you for telling me that blue drinks are the devil and to open my heart to whatever may come my way!