Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursty Thursday- Cucumber Lemon Refresher

It's Thursday again and my "Friday" which means it is vital to get my drink on...  Well maybe not "vital" considering I drank too much last night, but we won't talk about that nor the pounding headache I have.

I have been in a cool and refreshing type of cocktail mood and have always loved club soda (soda) with vodka.  I was partial to vodka tonics until I realized how many calories are actually in tonic water. I also recommend switching this up with lime, as that is just as delicious.

Cucumber Lemon Refresher:
2 shots vodka
Perrier or club soda
Cucumber spear
Two lemon wedges

Pour two shots of vodka over ice, add soda, juice of one lemon (or lime) wedge, add cucumber spear to stir and garnish with the other lemon (lime) wedge.  Enjoy!

Hopelessly Ever After

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