Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bedroom Sanctuary

For as long as I can remember I have been a bedroom dweller.  I have always found peace of mind, creativity and solace in my bedroom.  It has seen me cry, seen me happy, smile, love and hate.  The stories those walls could tell...

Having a safe place away from the world where you can be you or just lounge about in sweats is important for the heart and soul.  The calm I feel when I walk into my bedroom can wipe away the stresses of the day. It is really important to have the space be you and feel like you and more importantly, feel like home.

With any home, my bedroom needs sprucing up from time to time which means scouring Pinterest  for my dream bedrooms.  My latest inspiration is the bright and fresh linens of Parachute Home, a bedding company based in LA.  There is something about the collections from Parachute that make me want a rainy, snowy Sunday cuddled up in my bed.

Parachute has an exquisite line of bed linens in a variety of colors that just make me want to call off work and stay snuggled in my bed.  Along with their bedding line, they have the perfect bedside candles and even a few tote bags that are totally adorable.

Every bedroom deserves a nice set of luxurious sheets you can melt into at the end of a long day and I personally cannot wait to get in between some Parachute sheets.