Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Recap- End Of April

April is over... Which means we have 7 months until Christmas time!  Where the heck does the time go?  And yes, I totally just pulled the Christmas crap out at the end of April...  Be mad, but it is coming!

Weekends never ever seem to be long enough, which to some degree makes me bitter, but I also have to say, I sort of miss my routine of going to work after too long of a weekend.  I am a typical woman, never satisfied.

This weekend was fun filled and had me exhausted by Sunday night.

Friday I met with some friends, after dinner and closing a bar down, my bed never felt so good.  Seriously, I was wiped out and so happy to sleep in with the foggy/ rainy morning we had on Saturday.

Saturday my mama had her big birthday.  We headed to Disney on Ice after taking her out to dinner.  I think she had a blast.

Sunday was filled with lists, workouts, lists and laundry.  May 1st I am starting the Whole 30 with my sister, mom and a friend.  We aren't going balls to the wall, because bowling is headed to Vegas on the 15th of May and I can't be in Vegas and not partake in alcohol... That sounds bad doesn't it?  As for the lists, I love making grocery lists in excel and blog post lists.  I was super excited to try out my cross-train setting on my treadmill.  It was awesome and by the end of the work out I wanted more!  Thankfully I stopped before I killed myself, but I have to admit I am excited to get another one in tonight!

Have a great week y'all!

Bella And The City