Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Recap- The Winter That Didn't Show Up

You know what really irks me, like a lot?  More than ignorance and down right mean people?  It's the weather people.  Last week we were issued a winter storm warning.  It was said this would be the storm supplying enough snow to help Southern California out with the drought.  Everywhere was going to be hit.  The way the dumb weather people talked we would be getting like 6 feet of snow.  Friday was supposed to be calm with the storm moving, but we all were prepared to be hammered over night and through out the weekend...

Well me being me, I had concert tickets in Big Bear and there was no way I was missing out on an acoustic show by Sammy Kershaw.  I even paid for a hotel room at a resort for the night, that is how serious I was about going to Big Bear and being prepared for whatever weather moved in.  My friend and I headed up through pea soup thick fog and tons of traffic trying to outrun whatever snow was coming in along with all the yahoos doing the same dumb thing.  When I made it to Big Bear I was shocked how empty everything seemed.  We hurried up and headed over to The Cave to catch the show.  The show was great, there were only about 60 people in attendance due to the "inclement" weather that was non existent, and it was a very intimate show and as many concerts as I go to, this one for me was an experience I won't forget.  I truly believe in experiencing live music.

After the show, we meandered over to the local bar had a few drinks and called it a night at last call.  I have to admit, this is the first last call I have made it to in a few months.  Sad, but true.  I just cannot pull all nighters anymore.  As I walked back to my room I noticed absolutely no snow had fallen which was a plus since cowboy boots aren't really acceptable snow boots.  I would have been slippin' and sliding more than usual.

Saturday I woke up and figured there was going to be at least of foot of snow on the ground... Ya, that was so NOT the case.  It was a perfect blue bird morning.  With N and I slightly hungover, we made our way back to the same locals bar only to find about 6 people there.  We made the best of it and sadly no snow fell from the sky.  I ran into some friends who pretty much think I live in BB now, because I was at a local bar... Uh ok?  It is a big mountain, but there is really no place to run and hide.  As we headed out, not snow fell but clouds moved in.  I am telling you this "winter" storm was anything but that.

Sunday was off and one sleet and sun with Bloody Mary's and family time.  I even was able to get laundry done and moved some DVD's out of  moving boxes from about 7 months ago.  That is what I call progress.

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