Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weekend Recap- Big Ideas

Wow, another weekend here and gone.  How does that happen?  I work all week and look forward to my Saturdays and Sundays and they fly by like an episode of "Hindisght".  By the way, is anyone other than myself watching "Hindsight"?  If so, thoughts, because I love it!

Anyways, this weekend was spent with lots and lots and lots of family time.  It was nice (for the most part) and the weather was gorgeous.  It was around 90 degrees and had me feeling like summer time was here, which of course made me bust out the sunless tanner.

I broke my spending goals for March and purchased a treadmill from Sears that was on clearance for $400, a chambray dress (I have been searching and searching for one) and an American flag baseball hat (because I heart America).  Grand total of the money spent was $562.00, which isn't too bad considering I have been putting away $50 a month instead of paying for an used gym membership.  I plan on continuing to put that money away so the treadmill pays for itself, hopefully!

I took a bigger look at the traveling to Canada this summer picture and I am not entirely sure it is a feasible option considering going for one week is around $2000.00 per person with three people traveling...  Talk about spendy!

This past weekend I was struck with a few blog ideas.  While they are still in process, I hope you guys enjoy them.  I can't wait to showcase these ideas once they come to fruition!

Bella And The City