Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl Wins and Random Weekends

In case you have been under a rock, New England won the Super Bowl.  Talk about an intense game.  I have been a Pats lover since 1998 ish- way before the Brady days, like when he was still a 3rd string a MSU, but that is neither here nor there.  In all honesty, I just didn't want to hear another stupid Sherman interview.  He drives me nuts.

Katy Perry was pretty cool for half time.  I mean she flew through the air like a firework... How do I sign up for that kind of awesome?  I am still not sure about the lion thing or the flame dress...  Oh and I dug Missy Elliott rapping some of my high school jams.  "Put this thing down, flip it and reverse it..."  Except where was "Milkshake"?  And why did Lenny not sing "America Woman" to Katy?  These are the questions the universe must eventually answer for me. 

In other news, money bowling is still bad for my health, Bud Light is still the best light beer, I cannot function on five hours of sleep and I may have to have a chiropractic adjustment since the doctor has no clue what is wrong with my back... All of that spells awesome... 

Bella And The City

Last week, I came up with a brilliant idea-  a Friday in February link up all about love and such.  Well it is starting THIS Friday.  So naturally this weekend I spazzed out trying to create a great button and hashtag and came up with something that I hope looks more artsy than my 8th grade CAD class projects.  I am really excited for this weekend.  It will be EVERY single Friday in the month of February and the posts just have to correlate to love.  It can be love for fuzzy socks, boxed wine, your #MCM, that new lip color, why you fell in love, etc.  We want to hear all about the juicy love details of your lives!  Promise you will link up, ok?  *I will have a button up, but for some reason my creative button-ness isn't loading correctly... I am blaming lack of caffeine!