Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Chef V- The Green Drink

*** This post was sponsored by Chef V- in exchange for a 7 day supply of their Green Drink- these are my opinions and in no way are they swayed by the Chef V company***

At the start of every year I notice and sometimes join the bandwagon on a healthier lifestyle.  This year was no exception and after reading a bit from Chef V, I decided to take their week long challenge of the "Green Drink".

I received my freshly blended organic drinks on Tuesday, February 3 and decided to wait for Wednesday to roll around to start adding these drinks to my diet.  The directions are simple- 1 Cup (8 oz) serving 15 to 0 minutes before your meals, three times a day.  I figured this was the perfect way to add greens into my diet.  

Wednesday morning, I got up and had my drink around 6:30 am.  The drink is quite refreshing with the taste of green (think spinach or lettuce) and a hint of apple. Having the drink so early in my day had me starving by 7:15 am, which was ok because it forced me to actually eat breakfast at home and not on the way to work.  Lunch was a different story- I had the green drink with my lunch and it worked out great.  The drink filled me up while i was eating so I didn't over eat at lunch.  That night I had the green drink as a "snack" prior to bowling.  It kept my hunger cravings for pizza and nachos at bay and allowed me to enjoy my salad when I got home. 

In the week I had this drink available to me, I never found it difficult to add to my daily routine.  In all actuality, it made my day easier and the thought of eating healthier easier.  I noticed increased energy and better sleeping at night.  I never got nauseous or queasy feeling or had any side effects, which honestly is amazing because I can bloat from lack of sleep.  I even went down about 7 pounds.  

I have to admit I was a bit sad when my week was over, but I fully intend on purchasing a subscription.  It is rather affordable at $120 for the month by month subscription (there are other plans available, but I am not sure on the pricing) especially when you take into account the cost and time it takes for juicing or blending and cleaning your own produce then cleaning the mess afterward.

At some point I will try the cleanse, but I am not really a cleanse person, so that may take some time.

I challenge you guys to try the 7 days sample of the Green Drink from Chef V