Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Television Hiatus

There are two times of the year that I absolutely hate watching TV....  The summer season and the winter.  Thankfully my summer season won't be too terrible now that Netflix has picked up my favorite, Longmire.  Winter, however, still blows.

I am not a sit down and watch a show kind of girl, I hoard shows on my DVR and binge watch on Saturday nights into Sunday days.  I honestly finished the entire fall portion of Scandal in one weekend, because A. I am addicted and B. that is how I roll.  Judge me, I don't care.

you see, I try to hoard the shows for when they go hiatus, but once I start watching, I just can't stop.  Much like eating Pringles,  Now that I have nothing to watch until the January/ February shows air I have succumbed to the rubbish that is "Winter TV".  Also known as Galavant and Marvel's Agent Carter.

Galavant is freaking hilariously dumb with humor.  Reminiscent of a great Mel Brook's story line, I love it but I am glad it is only 4 weeks long.  There si no way this could be a lasting show.  I will say the best part of Sunday's episodes (they ran 2 back to back) was John Stamos telling "your mom" jokes.  So lame, but I laughed.  Secretly, I am hoping this show is a hit and ABC decides to take it Broadwy, because I would definitely pay money to see some of these songs live.

Marvel's Agent Carter was on last night and it seems pretty hokey and perfect for an 8 part miniseries as I don't know that I would be able to watch season after season of this.  I have never really been into comic books and truth be told, I only watched "Captain America" on a flight to Nashville with no headphones, so I have no idea what happened in that movie.  I don't watch The Agents of Shield either.  This just happened to be a fluke and I will gladly partake while my DVR fills up with Pretty Little Liars and The Mindy Project.

What Shows are you counting down to?

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