Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014- A Picture Loaded Recap

Well here we are... The end of 2014.  I have to honestly say that when 2014 started I thought it would be a year of good change and so much better than the heartache I still felt at the end of 2013....  Boy was I wrong!  It is ok though, I feel I have grown as a person, learned things and even though I had significant losses, I can honestly say I am a better person than I was when the year started.  

Isn't that the whole point of getting older, getting better?  Or is that just wine? 

January was calm, mellow and slightly uneventful.

February seemed pretty stable and good.  Little did I know the last conversation I would ever have with my aunt would be about Super Bowl scores and what a hero my dad had been to her in helping her with her hip replacement surgery.  We laughed about all of the things she'd been through and about how she couldn't wait to get home to the mountains and start living life again.  Little did I know that in just a couple of weeks she would be gone.  It is the hardest loss I have had.  It reminded how grateful I am for the family and friends I have.  It hasn't been easy and it still hurts, but honestly the pain isn't as intense anymore although it will remain.

 March was full of chaos and adjusting to the new realities of life.  Of course there was Lady Antebellum in Vegas, in which an evil troll of a man told us we needed to sit down.  I felt like telling him my boot was going to be in his ass if he didn't shut his pie hole...  I didn't... I just left in search of more beer and my parents.

 April found my mom and I in Belize visiting a great friend.  The week long adventure was full of sunshine, booze, laughter and memories.  I loved every minute of it, with exception to the sunburn and massive amounts of sand flea bites I came home with! {shudder}

Mother's Day was in May and for once my mom had all of us there with her to celebrate.  Thanks for being a good Mama!

June snuck up and and that meant concerts and beer.  I think this was Brad Paisley?  Maybe?  I can't remember!

America and I share a birthday month, but obviously I am WAY more important than America.  Remember that for 2015!  I got to see Dierks, Chris Young, Shania and a few others and they were all awesome concerts.  Of course there were several river trips!

August brought me a bottle of vodka named after me... Ok not really, but I am so sticking with that story!  At the very end of August I was honored to stand by one of my very best friends as she said "I do".  I am still ecstatic for her and will always wish her the very best!

September was another sad and hard month for me.  My sweet family dog, Bandit, had to be put to sleep.  He was the sweetest and best dog in the world.  I miss him a lot.  I actually got excited to see him when I came home from a recent trip, only to remember he is playing fetch in doggie heaven.

October was the first ever Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas, so naturally this broad went.  It was three days jam packed with awesome artists.  It was hot, but so much fun.  Thank god for beer and having a hotel room right across the street!

Canada, Canada and more Canada!!!  Are you sick of hearing how awesome I think Canada is?  I freaking loved every moment of it, even when I was "accidentally" punched in the face.  I cannot wait to be back next summer and to witness the Albertan glory of summer! 

December was chaotic to say the least, but thankfully it was also surprisingly pleasant.  It was a good way to end the year. 

Here is 2015 being a much better year for me.  A year of more change for the better, optimistic outlooks, love, laughter and living.  May y'all have a safe and happy New Year!

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