Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Surprise!

It is Friday and it is a very good Friday indeed.

Tomorrow I am headed to Cananada (intentionally spelled wrong, jeez) and I have been fortunate enough to have some very special and lovely ladies help me out while I am gone, so please be nice to my guests!

Earlier this week I had mentioned a special "surprise" for Friday and it may ring familiar with some of my lovelies!  Last year I wrote November- Time For Facial Pubes in honor of No Shave November, Movember or whatever else people call the month of facial beasts to raise awareness for prostate cancer.  This year I am taking Friday's to celebrate the greatest facial hair I have witnessed and I have witnessed a lot.

This week is Tom Selleck and all of his mustached glory.

Seriously, why aren't staches groomed like this anymore?!?! 

Stay tuned for next week's Facial Beast.

Enjoy your weekend!

 photo cheerio.jpg