Thursday, November 6, 2014

Be Thankful

You may notice that come November 1st, certain friends on social media jump on the "be thankful" for thirty days challenge in honor of Thanksgiving, heck you may even do it, but me?  Well I have never done it before.

That was until this year.

November 1st rolled around and I thought about doing thirty day of awesome facial hair, but I will save that challenge for next year.. I remember.  Let's be honest, I have something shiny syndrome pretty bad.

See... Totally off subject.

Back to being thankful- this year I thought it might try the challenge out.  After all I was able to complete the #100dayshappy challenge earlier this year, which was a HUGE feat in itself.  If you are following along you may think I am being slightly sarcastic but guess what all of the things I am "thankful" for are things that I am really, truly thankful.

I love this exercise because in our busy lives we forget how to be thankful for certain aspects of life and the small things that make it so worth living.  For instances, I am pretty sure I could live without beer, but who would want to do that to themselves?  That's just bad self preservation.

What small things are you most thankful for no matter how insignificant?

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