Friday, November 21, 2014

Five for Friday

I am still a massive slacker and have yet to upload all of my photos from my Canadian adventure.  It's just one of my many life fails at this moment in time.  I am pretty sure y'all will be pleasantly surprised next week.

Seeing as it is Friday I have another "Movember" special beard for you- Hugh Jackman.  I won't lie, the full beard with shaggy hair makes him look like a homeless person.  The cleaner cut beard is oo la la hot and add in his Australian accent, oh boy!

Now for my five on Friday-  This week I am doing it different.  Here are the top five things I really hope to accomplish this weekend.

1. Christmas Decor-  I am really hoping to bust out my tree, ornaments, lights and all sorts of decor as I am such a busy person I will be gone the next two weekends which only leaves ten days before Christmas until my next weekend to decorate.

2. Pre-Blog- I am hoping to write a bunch of posts to make my life slightly easier during th enext couple of weeks.

3. Finish Christmas Shopping- Yes you read that correctly.  I have an elf for a sister who graciously shops and wraps and I give her money and we split the gifts.  She is a life saver and completely thoughtful. 

4. Bust Out Cold Weather Clothes-  Last night we actually got a bit of weather and I was sad to see it leave so soon.  After my trip, 38 degree mornings feel tropical and I am wishing for colder weather where I feel like I actually need a coat and scarf.  It's time to do the closet rotation.

5. Post Unused Jackets- After the closet rotation I am planning to post jackets, jeans and gently used sweaters on Poshmark and maybe here on the blog.  Most of my jackets are XL, jeans size 16 and sweaters L or XL.  If anyone is interested I will post them here as well.

I hope everyone has a safe, warm and fun filled weekend.

 photo cheerio.jpg