Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pet Peeves- #blogtober14

I don't know if you have picked up on the fact that I can a pretty bad attitude from time to time, but part of it stems from my pet peeves.  I can be slightly judgemental, which I also blame on my pet peeves.

Let's just jump right into the pool of Kristie's bad attitude.

Ignorant people- I don't know if people think it is adorable to be uniformed and downright stupid or if they really don't know any better.  It makes me sad that we live in a world where idiots who run their mouths are the ones taken serious while the rest of the educated population have to cringe and grimace each time they open their mouths.

Electronic Dance Music- It makes my head feel like it is going to explode, my heart races and I get some strange version of vertigo that makes me want to vomit... Is this what drugs are like?  If so, I am glad I never did drugs.

Bro Country- As much as I love country music I hate the turn it is taking lately.  In my humble and overly stated opinion, there should be separate "Pop Country" genre of music.  I want Chris, Garth, Waylon and Hank-esque tunes back in my life.  I am tired of cutoff shorts and feet on the dash board which brings me to....

Feet On The Dashboard- This is the most disgusting and vile thing on Earth to me.  I can pass a 100 cars of men and women picking their noses, heck they could eat it, but feet on a dashboard makes me gag.  I have no idea why.  I don't have a foot phobia.  Perhaps it was all those times I was yelled at as a child for have my feet on the dashboard, who knows!

Overly Anything- Be it overly religious, overly political, overly friendly- I hate it.  I feel as if you are compensating for something that is missing in your life and if you get just one more person on your side it will make it all better.  I keep my religion, politics and friendships to myself, please do the same.

Fake Laughs- There is something about over the top laughter that reminds me of nails on a chalkboard.  I get cold sweats and wonder why I even care.

Vague Facebook Statues- I cannot deal with the vague facebook statues or the antagonistic tones put into some of them without knowing who they are directed at.  Man up!  Either say who you are talking about or here is an even better idea... Don't put it up in the first place.  You are people are public enemy number one in my book.

There you have some of the most annoying, antagonistic, self serving pet peeves I have.  As I said previously- I have a bad attitude from time to time...

Helene in Between Blogtober

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