Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Dream Job

Day two- let's hope this thing sticks!

Today is all about what dream career I wanted to hold as a child.  I had an over active imagination- sometimes I still do- which resulted in lots of "career" dreams for me.

There were the obvious things like be a teacher, princess, movie star, being Shania Twain, President and I even think I wanted to be George Clooney's wife (clearly THAT isn't going to happen!), but there were other things too, such as being a CEO, drag racer, entrepreneur, secretary, journalist, and traveler.

I was never short on the dreams I had and sometimes I forget I am a twenty something woman who probably should have reached a little higher for those stars, but guess what?  I am completely happy with my current career.  I work as a customer service/accounts receivable/accounts payable person. It pays for all of my adventures and occasional bar tabs.  I am pretty happy and can't complain.  It's funny how a girl can fall into a career and be happier and more well rounded than if I had sought out a dream career and ended up unhappy.

I think I did pretty good.

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