Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Let Me Win The Lotto

Good morning to you and October!  I fond this quote this morning and I have to say I feel this way about the month of October- we can have cold, cold weather or we can have triple digits here in Southern California, but for the most part it is the perfect temperature and I wish (ok semi wish) I could keep this climate all year long!

This month I have decided to join forces with The Daily Tay  and Helene in Between  for "Blogtober 14" and let me tell y'all, I am super duper excited.  These lovely ladies were kind enough to supply prompts for every single day of the month and I will be partaking.

If I won the lottery-

This is one of those things that I would like to know the amount of the lottery I won, because let's face it- a million bucks ain't gettin' you very far these days.  Although a million bucks would be nice, but I am going to pretend I won like 27 million dollars- that would be a since hefty sum, in my opinion.

I wouldn't quit my job- I would probably just go down to part time so I could plan vacations and just be awesome in general.  Plus I would still be able to rack up retirement and health benefits which would be amazing in case something happened to my fortune.

I would give each person in my immediate family money- probably 1 million each and the niece and nephew would get college paid for.

I would buy a place in Wyoming, out on the middle of a range and always have a car service on stand by to get me from the nearest airport and take me there.  I wouldn't be leaving a car because I like to partake in mile high cocktails and such.

There would be a couple investments in real estate and I am pretty sure I would be hiring George Strait to sing at my birthday party.  Maybe Dierks and Eric too.

I might even open or collaborate with a boot company and do design work.

Yes I am pretty sure those are the very first things I would do if I won the lottery.

The Daily Tay

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