Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Favorite Fall Bags Link Up

Hey y'all!  Today I am pleased to let ya know I am doing my very first link up with the SoCal Blogger Society.  I joined these lovely bloggers a few months back and so far I am loving it!  I highly encourage new bloggers to seek out blogging communities within their areas to connect with other bloggers!

This month's hot topic is "Favorite Fall Handbag".

I am an avid Coach carrier and I have to admit Coach bags hold up well, but I was looking for something I could beat up on a little bit more and get plenty of wear and tear out of so I began scouring the internet.  I knew that I wanted a brown leather bag.  Everything I kept searching didn't have what I wanted so I put my hopes and dreams on a hold with the faith that the perfect bag would find me.

  It's no secret that I love Duluth Trading Company and that I recently made an investment purchase in one of their brown leather portfolio bags.  I refer to high end leather handbags as investments as I normally get what I pay for: high quality and durability to last.  With Duluth's bag I did plenty of research before hitting "checkout".

  I have to say when I received my bag I was ecstatic.  It was smaller than I anticipated, but I was determined to utilize it and love it.  After all, I had been pining for a few months.  I have been using this bag for a month and I have to say I (now) love it!  It's size forced me to remove unnecessary items, yet I have room for my Cookie Lee and Jamberry catalogs.  The deep chestnut color is perfect for fall and it pairs well with boots and dress for a night out, but is sturdy enough to lug my belongings back and forth from work.

  All in all, this bag is a keeper and a must for me.  It keeps me organized and prevents the backache from an over stuffed tote bag.

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