Thursday, September 4, 2014


Have you ever had one of those mornings where you just knew things were going to be off?  How off, no idea but having the gut feeling that something somewhere was going to go wrong...  Yes that was my morning.

I woke up and figured it was most likely just the bowling beers and lack of dinner combined with tap class and bowling league that had me feeling a bit off this morning.  I went about my morning rituals until I heard yelling about paper towels...  Yes, I have a house guest and they have a dog who decided to shit all over my carpet!!!!!!!  Not in one spot, but in about 20 spots!  Thank Jesus they are headed home today!

As angry as I was (still am, but I am trying to let it go) I am sure my gagging at 7 am was quite a sight.  I wanted to scream, throw things and most of all I wanted to punch said person, not the dog who committed the crime!

There was gagging:

Almost fainting from the smell:

Then, absolute anger and the need to punch something!

Yes I will be renting a Rug Dr. and hopefully getting every single spot out and next time a guest comes with an animal- the animal must be in a kennel or they can't come... End of story!

 photo 2af5a650-c916-47a4-ab47-49116f0dc332.jpg