Monday, August 25, 2014

The End... Of August

Sadly we have approached the end of August as today is the last Monday of the month!

Weekend Recap

Remember on Friday I asked my blog buddies to find something that made them peaceful over the weekend?  Well I remember and I want to hear what you found.  I think it is important to share those small secrets and maybe it will help others find moments of peace too.

My weekend was docile in comparison to some others I have had in the past.  Friday night was spent sleeping off a semi-migraine.  Thankfully for me it didn't go into a full blown migraine because I am pretty sure it would have been less painful to receive a  lobotomy versus the migraine.

Saturday I was up bright and early with no lingering effects of the headache from Friday.  I spent the day cleaning and watching tv.  I ended up at the rink a dink car show at the ball field where I neglected to take any pictures.  Bad blogger party of one over here!  The car show turned into the bar which turned into dinner which turned back into the bar and all of a sudden all time was lost and the bar was closing.  Do you ever have those days where your debit card is a complete asshole?  Ya, well mine did that at the bar.  Ugh!  It is embarrassing and annoying as all heck and then learning that the bar actually ran it and is holding the funds is even more annoying.  That is my one rant...  And maybe I am still angry over it because at one point a Jameson Pickleback seemed like a good idea and let me tell you this- Pickle juice chasers are not good ideas.  I love pickles, but it couldn't be more disgusting than it sounds.  I repeat- DO.NOT.DO.PICKLEBACKS!  You will thank me!

Sunday I finally ordered Cookie Lee catalogs so if anyone wants one I can mail you one or you can go to Krista's Cookie Lee to browse online.  I have to say that I am really impressed with the new line and I love it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and don't forget this-

At this time, this swap is only open to USA bloggers as I am not experienced enough to do an international swap.

Be sure to follow Kristie's Blue JeansEndless Bliss and Through Bright Eyes in addition to your partner's blog. 

Signups will run August 18th through August 29th and the pairs email will be sent August 30th.

You are responsible to contact your partner within 48 hours of the swap email.  Get to know your partner's likes and dislikes of the season.  Trade addresses to mail your packages.

You agree to purchase gift(s) in the dollar range of $15 to $30, you and your partner can decide on a specific dollar amount.

All packages must be mailed by September 15th so your partner gets them in time for the first of Fall.

September 22nd the link up will go live and be open for one week (September 29th).  Please be sure to grab the button and link back up.

Are you ready to be a swapper- fill in your info here.

** Disclaimer, Kristie’s Blue Jeans, Endless Bliss and Through Bright Eyes are only responsible for matching the swap partners.  We are not responsible for packages that are not delivered.  Please notify us immediately if you do not hear from your partner within 48 hours of the email being sent so we can make arrangements for your participation.  Happy Swapping.

This will become a seasonal swap.  I hope to see y’all for the Winter/Christmas swap!

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