Friday, August 22, 2014

Beauty Swap Reveal

It's beauty swap reveal time yet again.  This go around I was paired with Meagen from All The Joys.  It was a blast getting to know her and be able to swap out some of my all time favorites with a few of hers.  That is the great part about the beauty swaps- you can get old favorites (hello NYX lip butters) and introduce some of your favorites to someone new (l'oreal eyeshadow in amber rush, still loving that color!!!!)

Meagen sent me so many goodies and it was nice to be paired with someone who has similar tastes such as the beach hair spray.  You had better believe I busted open the NYX lip butter in creme brulee as well as the OPI polish in "Guy Meets Gal-veston".  It is the perfect bright sheer pinky-red color I have be longing for for awhile now.  Plus I have always wanted to go to Galveston so it was like fate!  I loved every single thing.

Make sure you go and check Meagen out and Chelsee too, as she is the fabulous hostess behind the swap!

 photo 2af5a650-c916-47a4-ab47-49116f0dc332.jpg