Monday, August 11, 2014

Super Moon and Girl Time

Good morning sunshines!

I trust everyone had delightful weekends, or maybe that was just me. I did feel like it should have been a three day weekend but that is coming up here in a couple weeks.

My weekend was filled with lots of friends, family and fun!  Friday night found me getting crazy because I finally got to make a Target trip, but not for anything cool- just more house hold items. This being an adult thing is highly overrated!  In addition to Target, I ran into Tilly's where I scored a sweet anchor cup and lumberjack Koozie. The girls and I sat down to plan Canada among oysters Rockefeller and sushi at King's Fish House. This is where I am a sucky blogger- 99.9% of the time I forget to take pictures of the deliciousness and y'all have no idea what I was eating or how pretty it was!

Saturday I headed out shopping with my mama.  It was a good day but man was it hot!  I got home in just enough time to out all groceries away and clean a little before the concert at the Village with a girl's night following. Paperback Writer (the Beatles tribute band) were awesome. It was fun to get my mama out to one of the concerts as I have been bugging her to do so for a long time!!!!!  We had quite a group and it was crowded. We head back to mi casa for Italian and a birthday for Miss Macee. It was a good time. I enjoyed having a full house.

Sunday was a kickback morning for me. I booked the trip to Canada (well just airfare) and did a little bowling. The real fun occurred when I headed off road with some guys for the "super moon". It was amazing the way it peeked through the clouds. I got a few iPhone pictures that came out ok. I had forgotten how much I missed being up at Pilot Rock as it's been almost a year. The panoramic views of the mountains, lake and city are beyond belief. I wish I could have captured a panoramic of the subset along with the rise of the moon but it was just too dark.

I sat on my deck and watched the sunrise and the super moon start to set with semi thunder clouds surrounding, I realize how truly blessed we are to live in a world with such beauty. I don't think we all take in enough nature and we forget that's where true beauty lies.

I hope y'all have a fantastical Monday!

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