Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Opinions, Swaps and a WINNER!

It's only Tuesday and  I already feel beat down and under-achieving.  So much is going one so let's dive right in.

The world lost Mr. Robin Williams yesterday.  I feel so many emotions regarding this- not because I knew him or idolized him but more of my feelings toward suicide and depression in general.  I know this is my little space but I honestly don't even feel comfortable sharing those thoughts here with y'all.  I will say this- suicide is NEVER the answer and in my opinion it is the most selfish thing a person can do.  If you are hurting ask for help.  Imagine the pain and suffering Robin's family and freinds are dealing with.  His  children no longer have a father because his pain was too great.  Do not ever bear your burdens alone. I will leave you with my favorite stand up of Robin's.

To a happy note- I have decided to team up with two other amazing ladies to bring you a "Happy Fall Swap"to celebrate all things fall, especially pumpkins spice lattes (gag me), fall decor, Halloween, Thanksgiving, leaves, pumpkin patches and cider scented candles.  I will have more details, but sign ups start next Monday, August 18th and will run through Friday, August 29th!!!!!!

On to the most exciting news of today!!!!!! We have a winner for the PMS Giveaway- Miss Melanie over at MMS Miranda.  Congratulations!!!  I hope you enjoy your goodies!

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