Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We All Are Fighting Battles

Hey y'all,

  I am really trying to stay on top of blogging every week day.  I hope I am doing that justice.  I know there will be days when I want to tell my blogspace to kick rocks, but so far this month I haven't really felt that way.

  Today I decided to link up with the beauty Miss Bella for Confessions of a Blogaholic.

  After my little post yesterday regarding the suicide of Robin Williams I went to FB and read this article and left my opinion regarding how I feel about suicides in general and I received a little backlash but I want to fill you in, or them in, or whoever is offended by my opinions.

First and foremost- they are my opinions and I am entitled to them just as you are entitled to yours.

Secondly- I know depression: what it feels like and what it looks like.  I was diagnosed with not only depression by an anxiety disorder in addition to PTSD.  The PTSD stems from a violent carjacking.  Here is the thing- I sought treatment and help.  No, I am no longer on medications and I wasn't on medications for very long.  It was my choice to stop taking medications and choose different avenues.  I found exercising daily really helped me as did focusing on other aspects of my life- things I could control. Yes, I seem to be a bubbly person but I still have days where I feel the world is against.  I still get massive anxiety when it comes to social settings.  I have had days where I have cried for no reason, days where I am as happy as happy can be, I have felt lonely and sad but never thought about taking my own life.  Maybe I wasn't as depressed as those who commit suicide but I have been to rock bottom emotionally and I have climbed my way out of the hole.  We all have days that are complete shit and we have to remember everyone has downs just as everyone has ups, but isn't that the beauty of living?  Of being human?  Of feeling?

Thirdly- I have witnessed first hand the damage a suicide creates.  You cannot tell me it doesn't affect others and the person is finally free.  Free they may be, but they have left parents behind wondering where in the hell they went wrong, children wondering if it was because they weren't good enough, siblings and friends asking what more they could have done.  Anyone who believes suicide is only about the person who commits hasn't dealt first hand with the ramifications and aftermath of those actions and that saddens me.

Fourthly- Mental illness is a real problem.  We need to stop judging so harshly.  If a person needs to be on medication, we need to make that medication available and so forth with treatment centers and facilities.  In addition, we need doctors who do not treat patients as if they are in a factory line.  I cannot tell you how disgusted I am with the treatment and care given to patients in the United States.  I won't call it malpractice, but I will say there is a massive amount of neglect from "care givers".  No, not all care givers, not all facilities, but in general the numbers are high.

I didn't want to write this as a "woe is me" post, I wrote this because more people need to take into account that everyone is fighting their own battles whether it be depression, loss, weight, security, jobs, family, etc.  We need to be here for each other.  We need to be nicer.  We need to be more compassionate and most importantly we need to let people know it is ok to reach out for help whether they are ill or not.


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