Wednesday, August 6, 2014

No Audrey Here

I love scrolling through my instagram and seeing the latest looks some of my favorite fashion bloggers and IGers and what outfit they have perfected for today.  They always come across as bubbly, bright and sparkly not to mention perfectly put together.  The perfect shoes, the perfect bags, perfect accessories along with expertly done hair and make up.  Frankly, these beautiful ladies look to be cut directly from a J. Crew catalog or they are an Audrey Hepburn reincarnate.

It makes me feel as if I am not doing something right in my everyday life.  I have my good days, my not-so good days and bad days, well I refuse to really ever have those (have I mentioned my charming disposition?) but I want to know how these ladies do it.  And not just do it, but manage to do it, every single day.

They are always donned in glamorous clothing and shoes, sparkly accessories and have the perfectly white and bright rooms to be photographed in, holding their steamy cups of coffee.  Everything is perfect.  If I tried to manage a look like that here is a play by play of what would happen:

I'd try to perfectly barrel curl my hair and yet I am sure there would be a burning smell...
Which will most likely cause a curling iron burn in some awkward place and probably look like a hickey.

I'll try to apply make up, stab myself in the eyeball with an eyeliner pencil, cry then have to restart.

Next up- outfit!  Except I hate all of my clothes and really only want to wear yoga pants and I have no glamorous accessories..

I do a once over in the mirror before grabbing props and think

And before any photos can be done or before I can get to my destination in all my glammed-up glory something inevitably goes south!

I will want to cry over all of my efforts that got me nowhere and resume blog and IG stalking.

How do you pull off your blog photo shoots?

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