Thursday, August 7, 2014

EDM Kills My Brain Cells

Yesterday's post about how envious I am of fashion bloggers and all of their beauty and flawless photos got me thinking about a few other things I am not.  Not in a bad way, like I am some sucky person, because well frankly I am kind of awesome, fun, sassy while I drip sarcasm (seriously, I need a sarcasm font like California needs rain) but in the way that just screams out more of who I am.  Plus I just like sharing the hilarious gifs I find on pinterest!

I won't ever be a millionaire unless I win the lottery which is why I gamble and play scratchers.  Winning has yet to happen, but thankfully I break even a lot.  Except right now, I am on a losing streak.

I will never understand EDM, nor will I understand why dropping the bass is a good thing.  Pretty much I lose all concentration and think I am going to die when this comes on.

I will never wear my boots to clean out a horse stall, unless sometime between now and my death I marry a cowboy.  There has to be a ring if I am going to shovel horse shit and I guarantee quite a bit of gagging.

I will never be able to wear white and keep it pristine- hello coffee spills, deodorant stains, salsa drippiage, wine splatters.  It is like there is some invisible force walking around throwing things at me when I wear white.

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