Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wine and Beer Cure All

Do you ever have those days (mine was a Monday to be exact) where you cannot wait to get off of work and just drink away your stress and frustrations?  No?  Never?  You must not be human!

I have those days and yesterday was one of them.  The best way to describe it was diving into a pool of emotions.  There was anxiety, happiness, sadness, self loathing and bitterness and just general Monday stress.  I think a lot of it was the moving and not really getting my full eight hours of sleep.

So what did I do instead of going to bed early?  I drank a bottle of wine and some beers.  Thankfully I didn't wake up with a hangover.

I wish I could blame it on PMS, however it's not that time, but since PMS is a good excuse- how about a giveaway!  Nina had the great idea and I knew I had to join up!

I am so excited to be teamed up with these awesome ladies for this giveaway!  Go and enter now!
The Grand Adventures of Me/ Kristie's Blue Jeans/ Endliss Bliss/ Looking for Love Online
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