Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dating Disasters Link Up #3

Hey Y'all!

Well it is time for round three of the Dating Disasters with Miss Ellie and myself.

I ran into a guy I used to hang out with off and on for a couple of years.  We seemed to get along great when I was a drunk 21 year old girl so I figured why not try hanging out again when he called me a couple years ago.  We had run into each other in a bar and he had said that I had always made him laugh and smile and that he missed being around me.  Basically he said everything right to get me to go out with him.

It was Christmastime and I had to be in another town for shopping but he said he would gladly meet there and would finish up shopping with me and we would head to dinner afterward.  I won't lie, I never dread dates but I was seriously dreading this one.  I should have listened to my gut but I didn't.

We had plans to meet at 7, he was a half an hour late which wasn't too bad because I was able to get most of my shopping done.  I had one more stop before dinner and since it was an outdoor mall we walked to the store.  It was probably the city equivalent of three blocks.  I bought three big packages there... He didn't offer to take one of them.  I am not complaining because had I gone alone I would have had to have carried them, but I do expect the men I date to be gentlemen.   So there I was carrying three awkwardly large boxes in addition to other bags from other stores when we finally get to my car, he watches me struggle to put them all down and load them up and says "I don't want to eat here, everything is either really shitty or really expensive and I don't want to spend a ton of money on dinner."  My eyeballs just about popped out of their sockets.

I calmly asked, "Well where would you like to go?"

He responds with,"My friend's band is playing at the LAB (local mountain bar) and I figured we could just drive up there and go.  I will totally buy you something from Del Taco, just pull in behind me and I will say I am paying for the car behind me."

Uuuuuhhhhhh,, WHAT THE F?!?!?!?!?!?!  I said "No thanks, how about I just meet you at the bar?"

"No how about you follow me to my house and then we can ride together"

Trying to hold my anger in I agreed that was fine.  Once in my car on the way home I called approximately ten people to make sure I wasn't going to be at the bar myself with him.  He was slowly losing points in my book and slowly racking up a kick in the nuts.

We got to his house and before I knew it I was driving both of us to the bar getting a lecture on how much I can have to drink.  Last time I checked I was an adult and I can make my own decisions, but what the f ever.  We got to the bar where he proceeded to get hammered and tell me he had to be up early...  So what did I do?  The most immature bitchy thing ever.  I grabbed my bff, a guy friend, the dude and went to the 7-11 bought a 30 pack of budlight and kicked the guy out of my car at his house on my way to the dirt roads. In fact I believe I said "Get the f out of my car or I will drag you out!"

I never really talked to him again until he randomly called me last summer to tell me he was pretty sure he had feelings for me... Ugh no!  

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