Tuesday, July 8, 2014

When I Am Alone

Happy Tuesday- not tipsy Tuesday although that could make it on to my schedule once 5 pm hits.  It's not like I plan drinking into my schedule, but I may have to start doing that.  Anywho, today's prompt from the lovely ladies is all about those weird secret things a girl does when she is all by her lonesome.

I would love to tell you I take bubble baths while drinking wine, but I hate baths- weird and totally not girlie, but it's just not my thing.  Wine however is my thing.

* Practice "hand lettering" and it never turns out this pretty.

* Consume peanut better from a spoon.
* I like to try to do those weird yoga poses I will never do in public or again.

* Binge on episodes of "Girls".
* Use my giant wine glass and tell myself that half the bottle is only one glass... So it's a two glass of wine night.

* See how long I can balance on one foot then switch.
* Try on and organize my closet and shoes.

* Watch Christmas movies with no judgement.
*Pin anything and everything crafty with no thought to when I will have the time or creative mood to see it through.


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