Wednesday, July 9, 2014

No Point In Turning Red....

Before I get started with the "embarrassing" behavior I carry with me all day, everyday - I want to start by letting y'all know my guest post for Miss Ellie is up and you should go read it, because I am fabulous and so is she!

On to today's prompt from the ladies- "Embarrassing" things i have done.  The real questions is what haven't I done that makes me not cringe and not want to curl up and die?

I have fallen down bleachers in front of an entire high school football stadium.

I have slipped and fallen on ice while getting out of my Jeep while parked on a hill and gotten my leg stuck in the car.

I have dropped a giant Diet Coke at a movie theater followed by opening and causing a Reese's Pieces explosion.  That was messy!

I have tripped on air.

I have slipped and fallen on the floor of a bar, not once but twice in the same night.  Damn you people who spill margaritas on Cinco de Mayo.

I have "yard-saled" while snowboarding.  That is the term used for falling while going pretty fast, falling then losing goggles, gloves and hats all at the same time.

I have vomited in a museum in front of "priceless" relics, such as a piece of the Titanic.

Those are just a few of the ridiculously embarrassing things I have done!


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