Saturday, July 12, 2014

Let's Get Dinner

Oh look, a Saturday post!  Today's prompt is all about people I would love to have dinner with, dead or alive.  These kinds of quetions are always pretty difficult for me.  On one hand I want to be all intellectual and say people like Ben Franklin or Abraham Lincoln, but let's be honest- I am a woman and the chances of that aren't very liekly.  On the other hand I would love to be all crazy fanatical and name drop a few celebrities and rockstars, but they wouldn't have dinner with me either.  And no one  wants to get all sentimental about dinners and dead relatives....

But here is the thing- I am going there!

Miranda Lambert- Who wouldn't want to have dinner with a gun toting, no shits given, sarcastic, drinking lady?  I mean after all, she has silver cowboy boots and microphone!

Ace- It would be such a great time to chat and learn from each other, throw back a few beers and reconnect and remember why there will always be such a strong connection.   I would tell him how much I've missed him, the dirt road,  the sideways glances, but most importantly the comfort I  found in the quiet moments when words weren't needed at all.   Confessions of the heart may slip out but it would be nothing but the truth. 

John Muir- Who wouldn't want to hear all about this guy's adventures in nature, when it was something completely unheard of?  To hear the wonderment of his experience and the descriptions of nature's beauty would have me pretty much quiet the entire time, except when I complimented his insane beard!

 Oprah- Uh... Hello, it is Oprah!  Who wouldn't want to have dinner with her?  She tells it like it is and I bet she would even buy! 

My Aunt- I would love to have dinner with my aunt one last time to soak up her advice and relish in the time spent with her.  Just to let her know what she meant to me. I'd relish in final bits iLife advice she would give me and thank her for always being my advocate and sticking up for me. 


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