Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dating Etiquette with Ellie!

Hi friends :) Maybe you've heard of me before, but I'm Ellie and I blog over at">Looking for Love Online

I have been known to trash talk a few guys on there so be warned. To prepare yourself for my blog, grab the tissues because I want you to laugh til you cry!! I have gained so much happiness through online dating just by the humiliation that comes with it. There's some funny things on there. Recently, I've kinda sorta found someone, who makes me happy :) so also be warned about the mushy posts.

Let's get to the post!


So you're going on a date... AHHHHHHH

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Okay, don't panic. Seriously it's not that big of a deal! I know, I know.. you're thinking one or more of these things:

What if he doesn't like me?

What do I wear?

What if I don't like the food?

Is he going to make me pay for my own?

What sort of activity are we doing?

What if he doesn't look the same as in his profile?

Should I wear heals? Will that make me taller than him?

What if he's a mass murderer?!

That last one is a little over-dramatic but I know you've thought it before..or at least your mother has.

One thing I know for sure that you should do:

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There's some important things to consider when going on your first date, some etiquette if you will..

1. Agree to meet at a public place. It really is a shame that I have to include this, also that it's numero uno. Come on people, do you really want him to murder you secretively? At least if he is a mass murderer ya'll will be in public and there will be witnesses.

2. Be modest in your clothing choices. Don't be too modest either. Just be you! If you are bosom blessed, don't flaunt the cleavage just yet. If you are booty blessed, short shorts are for intimate times. If you decide to wear these things, do NOT complain about the pig-like comments they make about you being very sexy. If you want, "You're beautiful" to come out of their mouth, dress like someone who's beautiful, not a slut.

3. Stay in town. Don't stray too far out of the town you begin at. For example, if you meet at a restaurant then try to stay within 20 miles of that restaurant. Keep the long distance dates for the 3rd or 4th date. 

4. Keep it simple. This first date is only the beginning. It's totally okay if you meet for dinner and drinks, or dinner and a movie, just so you can feel whether there is a connection. The date is not considered 'bad' just because it lasted less than 2 hours. It could just be a sign that both of you are going to take things slow.

5. Don't mention anything about your past relationships. Unless maybe you want them to not be interested in you. If they ask about it, or if they're talking about theirs.. change the subject. If the subject doesn't change.. run.

6. Don't Double Date. Not for the first time meeting. If you've met this person before the date, then a double would be okay. Since I'm usually on a date from an online interaction, this tip is mentioned because you need to figure out the chemistry you (& you alone) have with this person. Don't allow others to have their opinion about him.

7. Be Honest. I'm talking about true. Don't be a bitch. If at the end of the date you really aren't feeling it, don't you dare send a text saying, "I had a great time :)" Uhm no, just tell him before you leave, "I don't see this going anywhere as a relationship, but we could hang out otherwise if you want?" If you don't want to hang out with him otherwise, then leave that part out. Don't worry about hurt feelings. The point of dating is to find someone, and if this person is not that someone, you gotta move on!!

All of these tips are from Ellie, every situation could be completely different than the ones I've experienced. Come visit my blog sometime :)

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