Friday, July 25, 2014

A Warrior Queen's Vegas Experience

Hey y'all, please give Raewyn a warm welcome!!! I'll be back Monday! Don't miss me too much. Xoxo.

I've lived in Southern California (sorry I'm not sorry) for the majority of my life. For as long as I can remember, my family and I have taken frequent trips to Las Vegas. It's only a 3-5 hour drive from the various places I've lived and it's a great way to have a quick getaway. 

Since I've turned 21 a few years ago, the amount of times I've traveled to Vegas have gone up exponentially. I'd like to say I'm a Vegas pro - I'm even going this weekend, our second time this month - and thought I'd share with you my thoughts on a one day trip to Vegas


Woo! Six am! Let's get going to Vegas. 
Everyone's still sleeping, seriously is no one as excited as I am?
Well, we said we'd leave at 10 so I guess I could do something else. 
I should probably pack. I need to find all of my fancy clothes.
Hmm, is this dress club-y enough? 
I'll pack five more just in case.
OH! An excuse to wear my glitter heels. Six pairs of heels is a good amount for a 2 day trip, right?
Hey! Someone else is awake, time to get this show on the road.
Alright, seriously...why is it taking so long to pack your stuff in the car? 
Finally! On the road! 
*Arrive at the rental car place* So happy we aren't putting these miles on my car again. 
What do you mean you left your wallet at home? How is that supposed to help us? 
Alright, finally, we're on the road. Geez, how is it already 3 o'clock?
Man, I'm hungry.
Why is this traffic so bad?
Oh my god I have to pee!!!
I hate when my radio station goes away and we have to listen to Iman's gangasta rap. 
Alright, this song's pretty cool though.
Why do I always have to drive while the boys fall asleep??
VEGAS! We're HERE!!! 
Does anyone have money to tip the Valet? The Bellhop? Shit, why do we always forget about that.
What should we do first? Gamble? Pool? Sleep?
I'll put on my bathing suit anyway.
I'll just gamble with 100 dollars. 
OMG I'm up $300!

These free drinks are amazinggg. 
I should probably eat some food. Where should we eat? 
Oh shit, how is it 2 am? 
I guess we're eating at Mr. Lucky's (in the Hard Rock). 
Yum, I love Mr. Lucky's!!!
Alright, I'm gonna go upstairs and put my footie pjs on. That sounds perfect. I should come back down here in them.
Excuse me, Mr. Pit Boss Man? Can I wear my footie pjs at the table? 
*sings as I run through the halls of my floor*
Alright, footie pjs you are going on...oh hey bed, you look so fluffy...


Why is the room so bright? What? How is it already time to check out? 
We haven't even gone to the pool yet.
We are so going to the pool before we leave. 
Where have the boys been this whole time? What happened last night?
We better go to the M&M factory this time. 
Check out I hate you! This isn't enough time for Vegas. 
Let's just get another night. Everyone down for another night? We could go to a club?
YES! We're staying another night. 
Pool, you are calling my name.
Ahhh lazy river I love you. 
Omgosh, there's gambling down here! Let's do this!
Man, now I'm only up $200. 
I should go eat some more food, these poolside drinks are killing me.
OW OW OW The sandy beach lagoon is hot.
There must be blacktop under this sand. Why did I walk this way?
Alright, well, I should probably just crawl from now on since I have 3rd degree burns on my feet.
Time for a nap!

Making friends on my 21st in Vegas

Let's go to a club! Which club should we go to?
OMGOSH How long has he been ironing that one shirt for? Yep, it's definitely been 2 hours.
Man, why am I so drunk. Am I going to survive this? Have I even been sober at all?
Let's call Andrew. It's so perfect that we have our own Cabbie.
I bet no one else has their own Cabbie in Vegas. 
He's the best, let's tweet about him. "@LVCabChronicles is always so entertaining! Best Cabbie EVER"
Omgosh, why do we have to dress this nice to go to a club. 
This line is SO long. 
It's so hot in here!! 
Bottle service is soo expensive but this line is so long to get a drink from the bar. 
This is totally awesome!!! Let's dance some more!


Your check out time was two hours ago. 
Ah we have to pack!
Who's driving home? 
It's not me! No way! I drove up.
How do I always get stuck driving? 

So, that's how we do Vegas anyway. Some people club the whole time but we prefer something a little more low-key! 

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