Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday Confessions!

It is Wednesday, which means my week is half over, woo hoo!!!!!!
This week I have to confess that I am totally and completely back into my wine every night.  It probably sounds bad, but the month of June is one crazy, hellish ride every year (blame it on fiscal year ends at work) and a girl needs a way to unwind.  I am currently loving the Red Velvet red blend from Cupcake Wines as well as my cheapo gallon of Riesling from Barefoot.  Yes, I buy wine by the gallon.  Sometimes I wish I were a boxed wine girl, but I just can't bring myself to it.  Eventually I just may switch, because wine bottles are heavy in the trash and let's be honest here, I just downright suck at recycling.

Maybe I should have gone for the box of wine instead of buying 4 bottles of wine at Staters on Sunday and only having 1 and a half bottles left.  In my defense- I got 30% off for buying at least for bottles.

I am almost contemplating drinking wine when I go out, but the truth is that wine at the bars has most likely been sitting in a hot closet for two years, until some classy lady, such as myself, strolls in and asks for a White Zin.  It's going to be warm and cheap.  Not that I hate cheap, but I like wine cold, even if it is supposed to be warm.  Blame it one my ice cold beer drinking ways.

Dateless in Dallas

Also don't forget to join Ellie and myself on June 19th for the very first "Dating Disasters" link up!

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