Thursday, June 5, 2014

Get Excited!

It's Thursday and I have some exciting things coming up for Kristie's Blue Jeans.

Today marks two weeks until mine and Ellie's "Dating Disaster" link up.  It will be the 3rd Thursday of every month and I really hope to see y'all there.  These don't have to be dating horror stories, but stories with awkwardness, embarrassment, or just down right hilarious.  Think up a couple and share with us!

Monday I will be announcing a very special giveaway that I am participating in.  All I can say is "stay tuned"!

I am in contemplation to create a Facebook page solely for my blog, but I most likely won't be doing that just yet.

In other news, I have been binge watching "Scandal" and all I can't really focus on when Fitz is in the scene because he lacks eyebrows, much like Whoopi Goldberg.  I mean seriously, where are those brows hiding?!?!

Last but not least- I started oil pulling Sunday night.  I am not sure how I feel about it.  It's not gag worthy or gross, just different.  I am giving it a month to see what it's got.  Do you oil pull?

 photo 2af5a650-c916-47a4-ab47-49116f0dc332.jpg